LMU Games Design Workshop

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Höhl is the head lecturer of the Open Games Workshop at the Ludwig Maximillians Universiät Munich (LMU). We are proud to be invited by him to be part of this years Workshop ‘3D Realtime Visualization and Simulation’. It will be a collaboration between the LMU, Intel and DEXPERIO. The topic: Developing Gesture based Interactive Realtime Configurators with Intel Real Sense Technology. As Thomas is an „Intel Software Innovator“, a certified UX designer and of course AR and VR buff  he is exactly the right person to be one of the lecturers for this Workshop.
The barcamp like workshop for students of computer science (master) starts 26th of October and ends 20th of January 2016 with the presentation of the results. Students will find more information on the LMU website here.
Update: You can learn more about the results on Wolfgang Höhls Blog ScienceViz here.
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