3D Stereo Media – We are there

Have you ever heard of 3D Stereo Media? Probably not when you are not part of the 3D cinema professionals crowd. This is their main conference. But movie production is changing fast and producers, film makers and camera operators have to look in to new technological fields. Like for example 360° video and virtual reality. So this years 3D Stereo Media in Liège, Belgium has a whole day dedicated to immersive technology.
We will be attending this particular event called the Professional Conference 2015 or short PCON 2015 on 17th of December. If you are also interested, you can register here.
The schedule for this day looks very promising with some sessions from top notch VR and 360° video professionals but also from some leading Companies. Among them are the people from Jaunt and Nokia. We hope to see some original footage from the long awaited Ozo 360° professional camera.
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