At the end of November 2015 about 80 film makers, movie writers and virtual reality enthusiasts met on the grounds of the famous Bavaria Film near Munich to explore new ways of storytelling. With the emerging of immersive technologies and 360° video this is nothing more then a necessity. Because in a full 3D enviroment, where the viewer is able to look at every moment in every direction, nothing works in storytelling as it used to. Imminent questions are for example how to use the extra space for your story and how to direct the viewers interest literally in to the right direction.

DEXPERIO co organized the three day event together with Astrid Kahmke and her colleagues from the Bavarian Film Center. We provided some equipment like a Freedom360 camera rig with six GoPros, a bunch of our cardboard VR headsets and we assisted the participants in stitching and post production of the video footage. Not to forget our Thomas Fickert who also held a keynote speech about new technologies for storytelling.

The first day of the #StoryHack2015 Immersive Hackathon was reserved for the conference program with various speakers like 360° film maker Thomas Wallner from Deep Inc., cave and VR expert Dr. Christoph Anthes from the Leibniz Rechenzentrum, movie camera mastermind Dr. Johannes Steurer from Arri and many more.

The remaining two days were reserved for the actual hackathon part. Nine teams tried to explore new means of storytelling. Every team was equipped with at least one 360° camera rig and was free to roam around to find the right scenery for their ideas. Many thanks to the 360° filming coaches, mainly Nicolas Jolliet from Deep Inc, Traugott Emrich from AeroFotografie and Clarence Dadson from Design4Real. Storytelling coaching was provided bei Astrid Kahmke and Egbert Wyngaarden from Transmedia Bayern.

So, what did we learn? A lot! First: 360° video equipment is tricky to use! You have to know your equipment well and you need to elaborate a reliable workflow to handle all the footage, especially when working with a six camera rig. Second: Most things you have learned and used in filming for a screen or TV doesn’t work for 360°° Third: 360° video making is fun but it’s incredible difficult to come up with a story that works. But it’s makable.

So many thanks and props to the orga team, to all speakers and of course to all participants. See you next year!

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