Virtual Reality Day – Fresenius Hochschule

Showing off Virtual Boxing Challange at the Fresenius Virtual Reality Day 2015
The 11th of December 2015 was a great day for students of the Fresenius University Munich. Dimitri Popov, Director of the course ‘3D-Mind & Media‘ invited them and everyone else interested in immersive technologies to the Fresenius Virtual Reality Day 2015.
The event took place in one of the friendly and light flooded lecture halls of the university. It provided enough room for round about 160 participants and exhibition booths of some of the most ambitious VR and AR companies from Munich. Of course, one of them was DEXPERIO. At our booth people could try out our cardboard VR headsets with several VR Apps. But our main attraction was of course the presentation of our FFF funded prototype of a Boxing game called Virtual Boxing Challange.
The game was running on a Oculus Rift with an attached Leap Motion Controller. It was obvious that people had a lot of fun playing it! Imagine visitors, students and professors with an Oculus on the head fiercely punching in to the air shouting things like ’Take this! Take that!’. The purpose of the game however was not just to provide fun and entertainment. It was and still is one of our showcases how to bring the ‚reality’ in to virtual reality! The Game is based on a real boxer called Dardan Morina. His body was scanned by an advanced 3D scanner providing a real live model of his body. This was later animated based on his real moves via motion capturing. The audience and the boxing ring were based on 360° videos and photographs taken during a real boxing fight in the Circus Krone. Though the shown game was just a prototype, the immersivness was stunning. This is at least what vistors told us.
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